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Tina's unique style is joyful, playful and - most of all - colorful!

Tina is a truly artistic soul.

Her unique style is joyful, playful and - most of all - colorful!

She started her career in advertising, developing international campaigns after graduating from Hochschule der Künste, Berlin. This trained her visual and verbal imagination. She then began painting large, expressive pieces of art that now also influence her daring fashion design. A dress, to Tina, is like a canvas, upon which she loves to create a modern and wearable picture. 

Tina also writes books. She has successfully published numerous novels and short stories. Known for “Männer sind wie Schokolade” and “Ich pfeif' auf schöne Männer," her works are mainly romance novels from a woman's perspective. Two of her novels have been made into films for German television. Her newest book, "Der Kuss" ("The Kiss") will be launched in April 2020.

A dress, to Tina, is like a canvas, upon which she loves to create a modern and wearable picture.

On a personal note, Tina describes herself as a real Berliner. She was born and grew up there and admits to still having a suitcase in the city. Today, she is at home in edgy London, Milan and New York. 

"London is my dream home city," she says. "I'm so happy here as London is inspiring, exciting and so full of culture. Milan has soul, passion, fashion, design and great food. New York is a planet in and of itself, where everyone can be what they want to, without being looked at in a funny way. It is a restless, exhausting city with a lot of noise, but it is also a cauldron - full of ideas and energy and color. Berlin as my hometown is also very colorful, so I always feel at home, forever!”

This touches on the importance of color in her life. “Gray and beige are far too boring for me! That’s why I add color to my everyday life,” says Tina. Regardless of whether this color is woven into the threads of a dress that she wears, is playfully shaped across the canvas of one of her paintings, or is knitted through the yarns of her collection, color brings an aura of life and energy to everything around her. 

 “Sometimes I’m serious, sometimes not,” she reveals, indicating her bubbly personality. At the same time, she maintains a quintessentially beautiful fusion between intelligence and innocence.

Being part of the GUESTLIST gives Tina the space for a new artistic journey.

When she met Karim Guest, their connection was immediate and deeply emotional.

Being part of THE GUESTLIST gives Tina the space for a new artistic journey with Karim as her partner in crime. In her collection, she concentrates on powerful shade- and pattern-combinations that are vivid and exciting.

As she only wears dresses herself, her attitude is feminine, and her tailoring is made to flatter all body types. In her collection for THE GUESTLIST, she only uses the best cashmere, cotton and silk for a soft feel paired with long-lasting quality.

The playful, fun nature of Tina’s collection comes across through an intelligent use of color, shape and pattern.

Designs like her Circles Maxi Dress are light, cozy and easy to wear, especially paired with sneakers, flip flops, or sandals, it can transition as either a day or night look, as a modern version of London’s Sixties style.

The A-line, knee-length version of Tina’s SPLASH! Dress colorfully integrates her Splash logo, and is a joy to wear with it’s playful colors! If you’re feeling strong, psychedelic and excited, you can move with your waves in Tina’s straight cut, scoop neck midi dress, Bella.

Be even more playful and show some skin in Tina’s polka dot, straight cut, midi dress, Lola. With a generous fit and adjustable straps, this dress is a dream to wear. 




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